Enigma Flash XML Template
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Yep. Strip it Down.

Most all of Royal's main features can be turned off. Image or video backgrounds? Yeah, but also you can make a custom swf background, or shut off backgrounds. Want to not show the default mp3 player and fullscreen button? Shut 'em off, they won't even load in then. You can even turn off the menu in the xml so that you can start there from scratch.

Extend the Template

Ya know the mp3 player and fullscreen button in the lower right? Extensions. That's right, they aren't even built into the main template, they were added as template extensions after the fact...yet they both run off of the main menu XML file. Same with the social icons in the upper right. The template extension features are so powerful that you can add pretty much any ability you can program and drive it from the same XML file that runs the main template.

Custom Module Extensions

I'm not just talking about showing a custom swf as a page...Royal can do that of course. I'm talking about full on custom modules that not only play and run off of the same XML structures that other modules run on...but if you know some PHP you can even extend the HTML auto-backup features to work with your new modules.

Wow, that's even more amazing...

Yeah, it is. But you've spent way too much time reading boring text. Start looking at the pretty pages! And since this template can also use special link formats to change pages within the HTML text of page modules, here's a link to the mixed media gallery!